Acrylic box

One of our main products is acrylic boxes of any size and shape. They can be made of acrylic in any color, transparent or opaque. The main styles include acrylic display boxes, acrylic shoe boxes, sliding lid acrylic boxes, acrylic box with hinged lid, acrylic suggestion box, acrylic donation boxes, acrylic flower boxes, etc.
Our boxes are water tight and can be equipped with lid, divider or lock. All are carefully bonded with high-quality glue to achieve the highest possible stability and durability.
Each box is handmade by our professional production team. Our custom acrylic boxes are reasonably priced and delivered quickly.

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    Custom acrylic supermarket candy storage box CSA-1746

    A tailored acrylic supermarket candy storage box, meticulously designed to efficiently store and showcase a variety of candies, providing a hygienic and visually appealing display that enhances the shopping experience.

    Custom acrylic jewelry organizer box CSA-1745

    A personalized acrylic jewelry organizer box, meticulously crafted to store and display your jewelry collection, ensuring easy access and an elegant display that adds sophistication to your dressing area or vanity.

    Custom acrylic brochure pamphlet holder CSA-1744

    A tailor-made acrylic brochure pamphlet holder, expertly designed to elegantly display and organize brochures and pamphlets, offering a professional and visually appealing way to showcase marketing materials or informational literature.

    Custom acrylic napkin dispenser with drawer box CSA-1743

    A customized acrylic napkin dispenser with a convenient drawer box, designed to elegantly store and dispense napkins while offering added storage space, bringing practicality and style to any dining setting or kitchen area.

    Custom acrylic notepad holder box CSA-1742

    A personalized acrylic notepad holder box, meticulously crafted to keep your notepads organized and easily accessible, adding a touch of sophistication and functionality to your workspace or home office setup.

    Custom translucent green acrylic facial tissue dispenser CSA-1741

    A delightful translucent green acrylic facial tissue dispenser, meticulously designed to infuse a touch of freshness into any setting while providing convenient access to tissues, ensuring an organized and stylish space.

    Custom translucent pink acrylic facial tissue holder box CSA-1740

    A charming translucent pink acrylic facial tissue holder box, meticulously crafted to add a hint of grace to any space while keeping tissues easily reachable and neatly organized.

    Custom 4 compartment acrylic makeup organizer box CSA-1739

    A sleek and functional 4-compartment acrylic makeup organizer box, designed to keep your beauty essentials neatly stored and easily accessible, adding a touch of elegance to your vanity or dressing table.

    Custom clear acrylic tabletop small items organizer box CSA-1738

    Experience clutter-free living with our custom clear acrylic tabletop small items organizer box. Perfect for tidying up your space while keeping your essentials easily accessible and elegantly displayed.

    Custom clear acrylic storage organizer box with lid CSA-1737

    Streamline your organization with our custom clear acrylic storage organizer box, complete with a lid. A versatile and elegant solution for decluttering and tidying your space.

    Custom clear acrylic 3 tier dustproof showcase with black base CSA-1736

    Display your treasures in style with our custom clear acrylic 3-tier dustproof showcase featuring a sleek black base. Protect and showcase your collectibles elegantly.

    Custom acrylic face mask dispenser box with hinged lid CSA-1735

    Ensure easy and hygienic access to face masks with our custom clear acrylic face mask dispenser box featuring a convenient hinged lid. Ideal for public spaces and offices.