Acrylic brochure holders

Custom acrylic vertical magazine holder desk file organizer CSB-461

The custom acrylic vertical magazine holder serves as a desk file organizer and magazine rack. It provides convenient storage for magazines and books, keeping your desktop tidy and organized.

Custom clear Ad acrylic flyer holder with business card pockets CSB-460

The custom clear acrylic flyer holder features business card pockets, serving as a clear flyer display stand. It is designed for literature, menus, pamphlets, documents, papers, and brochures, providing an organized plastic rack solution.

Custom acrylic paper tray letter tray desk stackable organizer CSB-459

The custom colorful acrylic paper tray is a horizontal desk organizer tray that is stackable and perfect for school, home, and office desk accessories. It adds a vibrant and organized touch to any workspace.

Custom acrylic horizontal file organizer tray holder CSB-458

The custom horizontal acrylic file organizer tray holder is a practical solution for organizing files on an office desk. It serves as a desktop file organizer, tray file organizer, and even a kids book organizer, providing a tidy and functional workspace.

Custom acrylic business card stand for desk or counter CSB-457

The custom clear business card holder is a multi-pocket display designed to showcase business cards. Made of acrylic, this holder features a 3-tier design and is suitable for placement on desks or counters, providing a sleek and organized way to present business cards.

Custom acrylic brochure holder, 5 tier clear literature holder CSB-456

The custom acrylic brochure holder is a clear, 5-tier literature holder designed to showcase premium acrylic pamphlets. This multi-pocket brochure display stand is perfect for countertop use, providing an elegant way to present brochures and literature.

Custom acrylic file paper organizer and letter tray CSB-455

The custom file paper organizer and letter tray is a colorful acrylic storage solution for desk office supplies, folders, and accessories. It enhances organization and adds a decorative touch to home, school, and desktop settings.

Custom acrylic desktop file holder storage organizer CSB-454

The custom slim vertical file holder storage organizer is a colorful solution for holding notebooks, binders, envelopes, and magazines. Perfect for home offices and work desktops, it adds a stylish touch to organization design.