Acrylic blocks

Custom acrylic block essential stamp tools for scrapbooking crafts CSBL-252

Elevate your crafting with our custom acrylic block, an essential tool for stamping in scrapbooking. Designed for accuracy, it enhances creativity, making your projects shine with precise placement.

Custom acrylic sunflower scrapbooking stamping block CSBL-251

Craft with precision using our custom acrylic sunflower scrapbooking stamping block. Enhance designs effortlessly with this clear block, ensuring accurate placement for stunning sunflower-themed creations.

Custom acrylic bestie friend birthday gift block CSBL-250

Cherish your bestie's birthday with our custom acrylic bestie friend gift block. A heartfelt present, uniting sentiment and style, to show gratitude and celebrate your cherished bond.

Custom acrylic heart friendship gifts block CSBL-249

Celebrate friendship with our custom acrylic heart friendship gifts block. A tangible symbol of affection, merging emotions and aesthetics, perfect for expressing appreciation and warmth to a friend.

Custom acrylic heart cheer up gifts office desk decor block CSBL-248

Spread joy with our custom acrylic heart cheer-up gift office desk decor block. A heartfelt gesture that brightens workspaces, combining sentiment and aesthetics for a meaningful touch.

Custom acrylic desk paperweight keepsake decoration block CSBL-247

Add elegance to your desk with our custom acrylic desk paperweight keepsake decoration block. A functional and decorative piece that harmonizes style and organization in your workspace.

Custom acrylic craft ink pads stamp block with grid lines CSBL-246

Unleash creativity with our custom acrylic craft ink pads stamp block. Designed with grid lines, it ensures precise crafting, making every project a masterpiece of design and precision.

Custom heart shape acrylic motivational gifts block sign CSBL-245

Inspire with our custom heart-shaped acrylic motivational gifts block sign. A heartfelt gesture, merging artistry and encouragement, perfect for sharing positivity and motivation with a touch of elegance.

Custom iridescent acrylic cube display block CSBL-244

A custom iridescent acrylic cube display block is a unique and eye-catching accessory for showcasing objects. Its iridescent finish adds a shimmering effect, making it a captivating addition to any display or decor arrangement.

Custom acrylic heart boss gifts paperweight block CSBL-243

Custom transparent acrylic heart boss gifts paperweight blocks are ideal presents for your boss's birthday. These personalized blocks can feature messages of appreciation and serve as stylish and practical desk decor.

Custom acrylic christian gifts friends valentines gifts block CSBL-242

Custom transparent acrylic Christian gifts for friends are thoughtful blocks perfect for Valentine's Day. These personalized gifts feature Christian symbols, verses, or messages, making them meaningful expressions of love and faith.

Custom acrylic inspirational with bible verse prayers gifts block CSBL-241

Custom transparent acrylic Christian gifts are inspirational blocks featuring Bible verses, prayers, and religious imagery. These personalized gifts serve as reminders of faith and provide encouragement and spiritual support.