Acrylic blocks

Custom acrylic heart bestie friendship gifts CSBL-264

A custom plexiglass heart makes for a touching bestie friendship gift. Its personalized design symbolizes the cherished bond between friends, serving as a lasting token of appreciation and love.

Custom acrylic be proud of the work you do sign gift CSBL-263

A custom plexiglass "Be Proud of the Work You Do" sign is an inspiring gift. Its personalized touch and motivational message serve as a daily reminder of the value of hard work.

Custom acrylic heart signs plaques office desk decorations CSBL-262

Custom plexiglass heart signs make stunning office desk decorations. These personalized plaques blend elegance and sentiment, adding a touch of warmth to any workspace while commemorating special moments.

Custom acrylic heart retirement gifts paperweight CSBL-261

A custom-made plexiglass heart paperweight serves as a heartfelt retirement gift. Its elegant design commemorates years of dedication, making it a cherished keepsake to celebrate this significant milestone.

Custom plexiglass retirement gifts block for coworker CSBL-260

A custom plexiglass retirement gifts block for a coworker is a thoughtful and personalized token of appreciation. It commemorates their professional journey with a unique and lasting memento.

Custom plexiglass stamping blocks tools with grid lines CSBL-259

Custom plexiglass stamping blocks with grid lines are precision crafting tools. These transparent blocks offer stability, clear visibility, and gridlines for accurate alignment, ensuring your projects are flawless.

Custom acrylic heart plaque Mom gift CSBL-258

A custom acrylic heart plaque Mom gift is a heartfelt and personalized token of love and appreciation. It conveys warmth and sentiment, making it a cherished present for any occasion.

Custom acrylic block essential stamp tools CSBL-257

A custom acrylic block for essential stamp tools is a versatile crafting accessory. It offers a clear, stable surface for precise stamping, ensuring your creative projects turn out perfectly.

Custom acrylic block Mom birthday gifts from daughter son CSBL-256

Custom acrylic block Mom birthday gifts from daughter/son are heartfelt and personalized presents. They express love and appreciation, making for a meaningful and cherished birthday surprise.

Custom acrylic hearts gift block CSBL-255

A custom acrylic hearts gift block is a heartfelt and personalized present. Featuring acrylic hearts, it's a charming keepsake that conveys love and sentiment on special occasions.

Custom acrylic Christmas bible verses decor Christian gift block CSBL-254

A custom acrylic Christmas Bible verses decor Christian gift block is a meaningful holiday decoration. It showcases personalized scripture, making it a cherished and faith-inspired gift for the festive season.

Custom acrylic stamping block with grid CSBL-253

A custom acrylic stamping block with a grid is a versatile crafting tool. It provides a clear, stable surface for precision stamping, featuring a built-in grid for accurate alignment and design placement.